Tattoos in Mayberry

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When your resolve is growing weak.
Sneak a peak.
Behind the swingin back  door 
you might find what you seek.
 don't believe all you read.
Look up  in new skies..
and take yourself a peak.
behind the scary curtain
what you seek, you may find
Take the 
 time that you need 
to nourish your mind.
Wander through life as a vagabond
in Babylon, 
until you liberate your home shores
living isn't for the meek
so take a peak.
Who knows, you may find
some answers you didn't seek
get a free all day ticket on board
all aboard that blue morning bullet train 
while it's runnin a hot streak.
bold and wise.
Be a bad machine
with a hungry mind
One authentic man of means
When you decide
to imbibe
to sneak a peak.

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Buddy Bee Anthony

Cease trying to improve through editing my poetry. Thank you...

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Sneak A Peak