Tattoos in Mayberry

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When your resolve is growing weak.
Sneak a peak.
Behind the swingin barroom door 
you might find what it is you seek.
 don't believe what you read.
gaze at this world
with fresh new eyes.
assess those partly cloudy skies
and sneak a peak.
behind the darkest forbidden curtains
what you seek, you just may find 
So  take  all the time you need 
to replenish your body and your mind .
Wander through life as a vagabond
in Babylon
take heed and rewind.
 living the fullest of lives
isn't for the meek
Best open up your eyes
and take a peak.
Who can say, you might just find
the answers which you seek
Get aboard 
life's high speed bullet train  
while it's runnin a hot streak.
ride that bad machine
with a hungry mind 
Be a man of means in overdrive
 ride out the storm
but don't you spring a leak..
If you open your eyes  wide 
and take a peak..

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Buddy Bee Anthony

Stop editing my poetry. Again,
thank you.!!!!!!!!!!!..

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Take A Peak