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Awakened and Aware


Awaken children of the light, it is
time to go forward into the Universe
finding why you have had no knowledge
of your present life and where it is leading
you now.
As we know! living is all we have ever known
it is about love, respecting, working hard
on all we believe in, and taught.
Simple as that.
False beliefs grow stronger behind doors of
confusion as we place our complicated thoughts
on hold, fabricating excuses without knowledge
of what they themselves are trying to understand.
Now, it is time to find out all the answers to your
questions. As you know, we are only using very little
of our brain, and now we are awakening our brain
which means our intellect will be energized to the
point for us to travel through our own dimensional
state of awareness, finding knowledge, is only
a scar away from the main wound.
Your mind will be opened to all creation, with
no definition the length of intelligence we
have inherited through the beginning of mankind.
We have been enlightened once again for the last
time, for in finding our own light, we will be our
guide for ourselves and all your thoughts of the past
will be erased and a new life will start once again.
It seems hard to understand this is taking place right
now, but it is! and as time passes by, time will be
no more, it will no longer be important.
Living will be different from what you know it to
be, it will be spot intelligence, without memories
to hold you down..Memories have only been
the aftermath of having a brain in the first place,
all that happened in your life was not a memory
it was thought, manifesting a memory that
was never a reality from the beginning.
All to complicated in our small minds right now
only you shall travel into your own enlightenment
Yes you:! will travel without knowing, you will be
enlightened and nothing will be the same again.
You will be your own person and know all the answers
to every question, you have always wanted to know.
No more questions will be asked, we will know all
answers, right from the beginning.
Be observant! you will no longer move into the
darkness, when you're enlightened, no fears, no
doubts to hold you back from being your true
self enlightened being of the Universe.

© DerenaBree (All rights reserved)



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