Bleeding Ears

Distraction...Disruption building like mountain peaks,

Praying it ends soon-this troublesome winning streak.

Quieting the mind such a daunting task,

Just a little peace is all I ask.

One simple request…

I am really and truly trying my best,

Why must we go through these trivial tests?

Forever grading me- a red line with a little fancy ball,

Please do not turn into Mr. Know-It-All!

Your  words could stop the bleeding,

Yet you hold onto your ego and never conceding.

Your lack of conversation,

My ears feel like it is in menstruation.

Continuous bleeding because you say nothing,

You say to yourself your going to do it but I know your only bluffing.

What is your deal?

In the beginning you had all this mass appeal,

And then you closed up and became hard like cold steel.

Honest and transparent from the jump,

Then you clogged up like young old oil pump.

Bleeding profusely as you can see,

Does anything faze you or are you going to let things fall and just be?

Disappointment and my impression of you has changed,

I guess the only thing to do was fall back and become estranged.

Just stop the bleeding is all I really need,

Is it  too much to ask or simply impede?

My ears…

Cannot take much more of this rodeo,

Everything going on I am ready to blow!

Copyright Ⓒ 2019