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Condition Of Thee

Time drinks our energy like a thirsty soul
Evil eyes are so bold and cold
All strong knees
are about to buckle and fold
So many things packed
in a hand that can barely hold
All we want to see
is beautiful dreams fulfilled
But there's trouble in the murky stream
Reality shows up with a bill
and the dreamer's dreams are killed for a fee
There's so much pressure in the misty steam press
All muted men are deemed blessed
Dead men toss and turn
How can a stirred soul rest
on thorns made of steel
Beautiful dreams,
all we want to see is beautiful dreams
I went to sleep to see beautiful dreams
But they were split into
by an invisible beam from the angry sea
I woke up only to discover
reality had been chasing me
Beautiful dreams
all we want to see is beautiful dreams
Treachery has teeth
I can't figure out her schemes
Our purest eyes wring out our purest cries
Beauty says beauty is forever
but what does that mean from a heartless beast?

Copyrights 2019
Robert Anthony James

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Condition Of Thee