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The ghost of Christmas past visits on this eve
My heart beats fast as the present time takes leave
I hear the patter of little feet, and their laughter so sweet
The talking at my door and it's light once more.

The scent of pine in the air,  playful voices everywhere
If this visit of vintage years relights the welcome sight
 greet it with open arms, Gods blessed us with joyous charms
A lighted tree of possibility has embraced my spirit peacefully

I  bid farewell to this welcome ghost
I know what l have valued most
The hearts of family, of yuletide history
  Angels on the tree and loved ones company

Happy Holidays one and all,
the spirit of love and peace will call
Remember warmth in winter's squall
When treetops stood above the family hall

©Allseasonsverse 12/01/2019

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Christmas Past