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Moonlit Madness

Shadows slide without a sound
Across blighted fields and crumbling mound;
Abandoned ruins all that now remain
Of an asylum for the warped and insane.

Many dark deeds performed within its walls,
Now spirits return when darkness falls.
Lost and broken ones were banished here,
But that did not end their dread and fear.

Subjected to shock treatments and holes drilled in their head;
The fortunate ones were soon counted among the dead.
Radical experiments performed upon those who remained;
Injected with untested drugs or encephalic fluid drained.

They perished long ago, in agony and despair;
No one to save them, no one to care.
Yet their madness lives on in the realm of the dead;
Their body no longer chained to their bed.

Now they are free to repay the "treatment" they were given,
With no chance to atone, no chance to be shriven.
They were the helpless prey of unscrupulous men;
Think you they care if you are innocent or filled with sin?

Their madness has grown stronger through their torture and pain;
Now become infectious, able to twist your own brain.
They hunt now for others to share their realm of the insane;
Once entering that realm, forever you will remain.

So if you go strolling upon a darkened plain,
And see a moonlit ruin, hear a distant cry of pain;
Best heed this warning and flee while still you may,
Lest madness find a home in YOU, and forever more you stay.

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Moonlit Madness