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NOTE: Time is a very difficult topic to understand because we are conditioned to think about time as a very important factor in our lives. Even to think that there is Future and Past and Present time does not exist is a hard fact to grasp. I had hard time convincing my daughter and she is a Doctor with PhD in Chemistry so if you do not follow the logic in the poem, do not be too harsh on yourself because you will be in a majority. I would be surprised if someone claimed to understand what the timeline is and why there are just two time zone and present time is conceived just for time management but in reality it almost does not exist. I said almost because you could make the timeline as thick as trillionth of a second or a year dividing the Future and the Past.
A year would include past and future months, days and seconds. Not truly Present time, is it?
We can take a second and call it a present time but a fraction of a second lies in future and a fraction lies in the past and time line divides future and past.
Same will be true if we take a trillionth of a second as present time but fraction of that trillionth of a second will be in the future and remaining fraction will be in past proving no matter how small we make our present time as long as it is greater than zero it will be a mixture of future and past proving time line has no thickness as per definition of a line having length but no thickness. This is why time Line divides future and past and there is no present time. It is as simple as that. IS IT?? Of course it is.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver

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