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Each year I was placed on the fireplace mantel
Flannel footwear tact to the panel
Lovely days of Chrismas cheer
Counting down the final days of the year

I loved watching from this warm pleasant place
Happy child with a sticky candy cane face
The house filed aromas of freshly baked bread
 A sweet mistletoe overhead

Cookies and milk by the tree
 A plate of goodies to thank him for glee
Little faces all a glow when rooftop fills with snow
Just call me a stocking of pride I feel special know

On the eve of angels songs warmth of goodwill is strong
I hear this each and every year and know St.Nick near
Remember the stocking that watched it all
Love fills this room, a place where a family Christmas blooms

©Allseasonsverse 12/08/2019

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The Stocking that Witnessed Christmas