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Empty Nest Christmas

Christmas conjures up images
Of all the days gone by
Where family gathered at  hearth and home
And all that makes you sigh

Little ones with wide eyed wonder
Stare at the lighted tree
Stockings hung to anticipate
The magic that would be

But time has its way to take
The innocence away
In its place leaves grown up truths
Of times that never stay

And on the eve of Christmas
By the tree there I stand
Without surrounding little ones
Holding no  little one's hand

The chimes still ring the carols sing
Of the birth that was foretold
Yet in my humble silence wait
As you let your life unfold

I anticipate with childlike dreams
Of a full house so merry
And plan and hope with all my heart
Yet guests there are nary

So merry Christmas one and all
As I turn down the light
It's an empty nest Christmas
And a truly silent night


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Empty Nest Christmas

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