The price

For ages his comimg birth was forecast;
God's own son, bringing peace to last.
Specific events to mark his advent;
That the world might welcome this glad event.

Great kings and priests should have humbly awaited
To view the Bethlehem babe have congregated.
Yet he arrived without fanfare or blowing of horn;
In a lowly stable our king was born.

He came in all humility and meekness;
When we were filled with sin and weakness.
Yet the heavens shone with his reflected glory;
Telling the world of the wondrous story.

Shepherds were the first to worship the child
Marveling at this vision of mercy mild.
Even today he calls shepherds to guide his sheep
And awaken the flock from perilous sleep.

Magi from the east came bearing myrrh and frankincense;
Their meeting with King Herod was certainly tense.
For he came not to royalty and those of proud heart;
His mission of love and forgiveness knew where to start.

His message came to the poor and suffering in spirit;
Knowing the arrogant and rich would not hear it.
His love and compassion remain still today,
His outstretched arms still showing the way.

He came here knowing he must suffer and die,
Accepting the agony, your freedom to buy.
All he asks now, even as he asked that last day,
Will you accept his blood, the price he had to pay?

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The price