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It is not unusual for Social Benefits to be incorrectly removed And then restored on appeal. There can be as much as a Year or more before that appeal is heard. One year of absolute poverty.

They hold positions of power
Rule with their iron rod
Whilst professing their belief
In their just and merciful God.
Assessors they call them with
Almost Powers of life or death
And the poor and the sick await
Their decisions with bated breath.

With their tick box mentality
Lack of any discretion,
They plunge in to exacerbate
An already horrendous situation
Maybe they get a bonus
For event penny they save
And in doing so have sent
Many thousands to their graves.

It’s all in the cause of austerity
And the idleness of the working class
Coupled with the unnatural desire
To kiss the cheeks of POTUS’s ass.
So, my friend lives in need
Face grey with constant pain
Ruled by a system seen to be
Unjust, cruel and insane

And the devisors of this system
Openly defend this insanity
Whilst loudly professing
Their pious Christianity.
If there is any justice
This callous and greedy breed
Will spend eternity in Hell for
Spreading such suffering and need.

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