Get ready for 2020.

Get ready for 2020.
Get ready for 2020.
Ticket is ready
Be blissful and join
to see what is going on
Woo! The world of Wonderful Eden garden
Life is a game here
with limited over's
that going on
Get ready for 2020.

Dawn brings the displays
Beautiful as usual this garden
Disputes settle soon with
Tolerance and love, flourish in fragrance
Like a Ball hit your dream to skies
Bounce and bounce beyond boundaries.
Don't think age over
Take a wicket with the perfect plan
until the end of the time
Hearts toss in all moments
Players, Spectators, and umpires
No enmity in eyes
in the real sportsmanship
Get ready for 2020.

Thanking you December 2019
You gave the Eden garden for 2020
Need the hindsight 20/20
No ultimate loser, in 2020
Well being and happiness in 2020
With a lot of prizes, wishes
Cheer up the New Year 2020
Dancing, singing and laughing
The clock ticks Happy New Year
Vinodkumar v

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Get ready for 2020.

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