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Forgive Me My Love

Forgive me my love for the deeds I have done
for the lines I have drawn deep in my heart
Forgive me for all the tears that you shed
because of my words that tore us apart.

Forgive me my love, For my impatience of time
when I looked at your world with eyes that were blind
When I fell to the ground , where once I stood tall
With tears you were crying, I felt the sword fall.

Forgive me my love, I'm just a man
mistakes I have made because mortal I am
Forgive me for granting your quest to be free
Now alone we will wither for eternity.

Forgive me your dreams that never came true
or not showing enough how much I loved you
Forgive me my love, God didn't take me
instead I am chained with no hope to be free.

Not flying with you on the wings of a Dove
Forgive me my love, Forgive me my love.

Written By,
Ralph Comfort

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Forgive Me My Love

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