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The Day Jezza Came To Town

Been on a high today
Not yet come down
Rally in Queens Gardens
'Cos Jezza's been to town.
The Hillbilly troupe and Mick
Kicked the proceedings to a start
That powerful voice blasting out
As Mick sang from the heart

Followed by Jo Solo
Not heard him before
But on that performance
I'd like to hear him more
More speeches followed
Just to pave the way
Until Jezza arrived
And captured the day.

Suddenly in politics
I feel I have a choice
I heard a politician
Give my thoughts a voice.
I'm a Corbynista
Which I'm not afraid to say
Fed up of politicians
And the games they play.

Jezza left the stage
To an approving cheer
And I sloped away
For a cooling beer.
I'm still feeling excited
My emotions in the air
Jezza came to town
And Sue and me were there

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The Day Jezza Came To Town