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Her Chariot To Heaven

She was lonely, Sad and afraid, Far from home
A Life gone wrong, A road to nowhere,
and nowhere to roam
Abandoned by family she was tortured and shamed
Her marriage destroyed, both to blame
She stole my heart with the tears she shed.

It was drugs, It was wine, It wasn't song.

It took all that she was and tossed it away
Somewhere in this I came to be
Her having hope, Me needing love
a dream ending dreams not made from above.
A dream where her heart didn't belong.

It was drugs, It was wine, It wasn't song.

Through letters we wrote love blossomed true
stories exchanged enchanted with time
Lonely myself I gave her my strength
Just to show her some happiness, I thought I had done
But the drums beat on,
And cold took the place of the warmth from the sun.

It was drugs, It was wine, It wasn't song.

Soon the tears fell, where hope was to be
Each for our own reasons we told ourselves
Short were our days, Now shorter the dreams
More lonely now than we were before.
Me loving her, But her wanting love less
Tortured soul, tortured heart
the road to divine was not to be blessed.

It was drugs, It was tears, They fell endlessly
A chariot to heaven was her destiny.

The gavel fell down, She wasn't safe in my arms
Finally free, Her tears ending now on the still of her face.
She was free from the chains, Now an Angel in peace
But I was alone, Now lost in her place
and the drums beat on, The drums beat on.

It was drugs, It was wine, It wasn't song.

Written By,
Ralph Comfort

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Her Chariot To Heaven

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