Glimpse on Memory Lane

A friend once said;
Love is the essence of life,
The lifeline of humanity
A contributing factor to sanity.

Another friend said;
Practicality is the key,
And never put down reality
As influencing cue to be happy.

One made a rejoinder;
Intelligence does it all,
Morons arenít fashionable
Accompanying another fool.

The heart nagged to the core
True love makes the world.
When hunger came to fore
Loveís not as sweet anymore.

Practicality she opted
Dedicated yet never hinted
The rules are all but said
Reasons eventually divided.

Against love and reality
Intelligence claims totality
Match finding bears difficulty
Likely leads to living in solitary.

Regardless of preferences,
Choices made in the past
Doesnít necessarily defines
The ultimate destiny to watch.

Jan 2020

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Glimpse on Memory Lane

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