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What a world wind it has been…

Six months of questionable pint-up grins,

Of course smirks but yours always makes my mind spin…

As I feel a familiar tingling sensation within.

Reaching our appointed place for the evening,

Yet we did not want to leave each other…

So you invited me to come in.

Turning around to face you once more,

As I look and see you closing and locking the door.

You stand there like the first day we met,

So confident and poised,

Your body talking to mine...can you not hear the noise?

Your body wants mine like a fun little toy..

So much so I dare to employ…

The challenge you accepted...C’mon here little boy!

That smirk..there it is again,

I swear you’re doing it to my left membrane.
Heavy circles and at times leaving me off balanced,

My body singing a sweet little ballad. 

You know exactly what your doing...contemplation in that lavish mind,

Been plotting on me to see if and when we could intertwine.

I say “ Don’t look or stare at me in that way!”

You smirk and small laugh escapes your lips “ I am just trying to see you smile and maybe see how your hips sway.”

I am taken back and surprisingly shocked,


Mmm realizing how you never expressed yourself in this way,

I think I am ready to let my …

And then I saw that your mouth dropped!

I grinned and looked you in the eyes,

You came forward to claim your prize.

Too much space kept us apart,

The pure hunger in your eyes- you knew where you wanted to start!

Feeling like a lamb about to be devoured by a lion,

Giving in to you- mmm is worth a small piece of my dying.

Hearing my heartbeat thru my chest,

Feeling your hands wanting to caress,

My arm...hmm maybe my thigh,

I think we are both getting so high…

Off of each other, a glorious masterpiece,

The anticipation building- it will not cease!

Against the wall you gently nudge me to,

You tower over me with that grin,

I ache for you-so much you have no clue!

I know exactly what we are getting into!

Your calmness excites me…

Your scent intoxicating and mysterious,

Our eyes meet and lock in a delirious state,

WIth no hesitation and nothing out of place!


We are completely lost,

And willing to pay the ultimate cost.

Then it happens- that long awaited kiss,

You hold my face sweetly- not wanting to miss,

The sensation , feel our lips…

My breath catches my throat-goodness this it too much!
My mind is going as I give in.

Your kiss so passionate and full,

As you touch and then aggressively lift me up and  pull…

I feel your hand going to my most sacred place,

You feel and I gasp- your fingers wet and then you put them in mouth,

That look on your face I will never forget not on ounce.

You have me wrap my legs around your waist,

Your need speeding up-post haste!

We are consumed and wrapped in a lover’s embrace…

...I can’t help but to love your mouth..Oh my the taste!

Hands reaching to remove our clothes,

Desperate for contact...mmmm it shows!

Completely naked…


Admiring each other no discretion and without a care,

Looking at each other…

So wonderfully pleased…

To kissing again…

You whisper “ I think I am in heaven…”

I say “ mmm well Amen!”

You lead me to our destination,

We melt together in a seductive vibration. 

Copyright Ⓒ December 2019

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