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Trice Removed

John 21-15:17
Do you love me more than these others?
Past the emotion and affection of lovers
Yes Lord, I love you more than them all
I have loved you since I heard your called
Do you love me, I ask again
Will you love me until the end?
Yes Lord, I love you
Oh Lord you know I do
Do you love me for the third time?
Past the body, soul, or mind
Yes Lord I love you, yes Lord Yes
You know all thing, you know them best
Three times the question, three times to remind
The old Peter and his faults are left behind
Peters love denied again and again
Christs love redeemed him from that sin
On his own he had no power
Only the condemnation of that dreadful hour
The heavy weight of regret and shame
Permanently removed in Jesus name
Willing, sacrificial, unconditional love
The laying-down-your-life love
Not what you have done, but have yet to do
The Spirit inside will be your glue
You will feed my lambs; my church on earth
Nurture my leaders, increase their worth
Arise, once fallen; now born anew
Prepared and equipped to follow through
No longer mere words or emotional phrase
But committed resolved until the end of days

J. Moore

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Trice Removed