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Maiden Bright



Once upon a dream, there was a maiden bright with such

expression she ran down the path of loveliness memorizing

her thoughts of all she saw in the morning light.


No matter the distance she ran, she was only flying close

to the ground never weary in spirit.


She was her own love! her thoughts sparkled like the

stars above Gathering her flowers so sweet filled with

Fragrance that only grew Stronger as she ran down her

path of beauty, Freshness of the Breeze following her every

step, light as a feather she ran with her never-ending

fantasizing reality that could never be more real.


Maiden bright, never stopped Shining her light where

ever she went, she was always followed when she ran

close to the ground, you'll swear she was really floating above

the dirt-covered path.


Her glories shadow danced so gracefully as she kept

time with her song she Sang silently, must have been

filled with energy to lift her clearly over the tree

Tops, over the ocean and valleys she Flew high not

knowing she wasn't touching the ground.


You see this maiden bright was a feather

soft, divine, living for each moment, each breath

she took a song she Sang, it never had a

beginning nor end, she just drifted into the rainbow of

colored mist in the summer of her youth, so

long ago in Ireland, where all the four-leaf clovers



(Our Hearts are Filled with Four-leaf

Clovers filled with Luck and Love)



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