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Supermarket Dash

The supermarket, purveyor of goods,
Handy place to do all your shopping
All presented under one roof
No need to go store hopping.

As day by day by day they expand
Their lines to provide more and more
So in time they've grown to become
That  essential one stop superstore,
And the  street corner grocer, butcher
Tobacconist, newsagent are all largely gone
As the retail giants stride their world
And their dominance marches on.
Those once essential small shops,
Although some of them keep on trying
Are more and more disappearing for they
Just can't  compete with bulk buying

That little shop that gave us tick so that
Even  with no money we could eat
Has disappeared from nearly every
Small town and village high  street.
If you're poor and hungry
They just don't care,
Just concentrate maintaining
And  growing their market share.
Universal Credit, Zero Hours, minimum
Wage all combine to grow the ranks
Of the working poor depending on
The charity of more and more foodbanks.

In this nominally Christian Country
Who's  selfish and obsessive greed
Give not a flying fig for that growing
 number of those hungry and in need.
The streets scream opulence
Offering more and more
As the shopper casually steps over
Beggars squatting at the shop door.
We're the friendly superstore
That's got the competition beaten
And we really don'y care a jot how
Long it' been since you've last eaten.

All presented under one roof,
No need to go store hopping,
The supermarket, purveyor of goods,
Handy place to do your shopping.

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