Quiet nights
Stars shining bright
Thoughts slowly drift
Lazy days and wildflowers

Head on your shoulders
Fingers intertwined
Enjoying simple moments
Dreams fill the air

A thousand memories in your smile
A million regrets in our tears
Like a beautiful bird
I must set you free

Your angel light
Shines too bright
Something that precious
Is a gift for the world

Watching you from afar
Proud of who you've become
I smile, albeit with a heavy heart
As worry entangles from within

You smile so sweetly
Are you truly happy
Does the smile fade to tears
Behind closed doors, all alone

I'm nothing but a shadow
A past memory long faded
As I still lay here
In the field of wildflowers

Dedicated To: Lee Minhyuk
Published to Twitter: @AlyareLeara 24 January 2020

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