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Romance Born In Silvermoon

On a starry night near the elven city of Silvermoon,
I met my love, two hearts beating in tune.
My first glimpse of her there could be no doubt,
As her flashing blade put her foes to rout.

Seeing me watching, she pleaded for my aid;
After a moment's hesitation, my decision was made.
Joining forces, our blades reapt a harvest of gore;
Two paladins united in battle...could there be still more?

For weeks we quested together, and mutual attraction grew;
Hearts entwined together as the days swiftly flew.
Romance in the realm of Azeroth soon grew to something more,
In a trice spending hours on the phone, united at our core.

We finally met face to face, what a grand and glorious day;
My one true love spoke the words I longed to hear her say.
She told me that she loved me, and wished to be my wife;
Not only in the realm of Azeroth, but also in real life.

This is a true poem about how I met my wife, in the game World of Warcraft.
First time in the game for each of us, both chose Blood Elf Paladins as our first
character. She lived in Massachusetts and I in Arizona, but somehow we made it work...
Although the phone bills were outrageous for awhile!

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Romance Born In Silvermoon