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Fruits Evil Hands Did Sow

Once more into the fray we go
to struggles and changes
most can't possibly know
The tears history has shed
Future sees the seeds we are planting
and she's scared
Barely I can sleep barely I can eat
Restless eyes painted red.
Mankind's mind is getting too low.
Problems are our daily bread
Twenty out of two refuses to grow
because empty stomachs are barely fed
These are the fruits evil hands did sow.
I need an artist to paint beauty in my eyes
When it's dark I can fantasize about beautiful skies.
I can see the sunshine
through the heavy snow.
Can't you see praying hands?
Can't you see begging eyes?
Reality will break
the day it can't take anymore

Copyrights 2020
Robert Anthony James

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Fruits Evil Hands Did Sow