Tattoos in Mayberry

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It's high time somebody kicked you  hard
 in your money, honey
Everyone's tried option number two
but  words haven't seemed to filter through.
Somebody should place kick
you to get your attention?
What better way 
to stamp an impression
than to boot
a three pointer 
then a corner kick  in your hoity toity
stock option pa toot.
Bust a free kick over your goal line stance.
Bull rush your pomp and circumstance

A busman's holiday cruise.
Slingshot to the Moon.
All paid by your collaterral...
Since the attraction isn't  as much chemical
as mathematical

We'll gourmand on much better 
than cheese food and bologne.
Making memories to last
for when  we're sucking up slop
in the old folks home.
with our plastic straws and spoons.
I'll hitch your wagon
to the biggest  star.
Lasoo for you the brightest moon.
Drop kick our poorer relations of yours  
plotting to squander our scatter
too soon.
Out shoot those nothing we can do 
recruits from the local 
hand wringing medical crew.
who diagnose you terminally ill
with bird flu.  We'll outgun them
popping wonder boy energy pills.
So, baby, hold still
so I can I scissor kick 
the fools gold out of
Give me the green light
ready, set and go
and I'll
 two stroke you
into your high yield portfolio.
 To blast us both out of the 
weeds in the rough and 
onto that Solid Gold Fairway.

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Buddy Bee Anthony

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