2-10-20 Honesty-Truth-Love-Humilty - (How do we get it? Healing Poem)

2-10-20 Honesty-Truth-Love-Humility(This is how we get it)

(This is about going from glory to glory. This is about healing and purifying the heart.)

Help me Father to be real with you

facing my inner secrets sharing it all with you

For King David said, "see if there is a painful way in me?"

For Lord you expose what is hidden

So I can be set free

Truth removes the dividing walls of fear

Truth is intimacy -laying my heart bare

Truth is authenticity of where I really am

Admitting to my weakness makes room for you with in

For in my weakness is your strength helping me let go

receiving your forgiveness I allow your LOVE to flow

Thank you Father Abba for Jesus and your Holy Spirit

How I love you so.

copyright JudyLea