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Valentine's 20/20

Valentines 20/20 is a different point of view
A bit off sight for 2020, let me share it with you
It use to look like boxed chocolates and rose pedals
Shiny colored stones and precious metals
Cards and gifts, hugs and kisses
Dinner, dancing, and midnight wishes
Sweets in the heart but no heart in the sweets
Like Facebook friends and Birthday treats
Just the customary things to do
Until the day I fell for you
Through a corrective lens I began to see
Lover's day is not February 14
But every day, and the day after that
You give to me and I give right back
No cellophane wrap or postage stamps
No wine, candles, or lava lamps
Simply bi-products or expressional gifts
To brighten your day and give you a lift
They make you smile, they warm your heart
They call to you when we're apart
This done to remind you, hopefully
Just how much you mean to me
My pathetic attempt to repay
The love you grace me with everyday
The care you give, the concern you show
The prayers you pray, the seeds you sow
The respect you have, the pride you bring
The stories you tell and the songs you sing
For your body, your mind, heart and soul
Always and forever just so you know
Like 20/20 vision, so crystal clear
Valentines Day last all year

Happy Valentine's Day Sugar
J Moore

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Valentine`s 20/20