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Sunset Rose

Setting sun paints the sky a crimson hue,
Standing in the fading light, I ponder what to do.
What can I offer to one so beautiful and fair?
What token to show how much I care?

Gold and silver are precious, this is quite true;
Yet their value is far less than her just due.
Perhaps a love poem, to convey how I feel;
Yet how would she know the words to be real?

The sun sinks still lower, the sky a darker shade;
Time is fleeting and still no choice have I made.
I sigh unhappily, gazing moodily at the sunset.
I pace the lawn restlessly, fuming as I fret.

If only I could capture all the glory of setting sun;
Bottle and distill it, my task would then be done.
Suddenly I see it, a crimson blood red rose;
Capturing the beauty of the sunset, that is how I will propose!

Kneeling humbly at the bush, I give thanks in full measure,
For scarlet rose of sunset, love's purest treasure.

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Sunset Rose