When Dark Tides Surge

When dark tides surge and lightning flares,
When shadowy forms creep from secret lairs;
When constellations align as omens foretold;
When mutant forms emerge from briny cold;

Then whet your steel till razor sharp;
The lay aside horn, psaltry or harp.
Then gird 'gainst threat to body and soul;
Then battle without waver, regardless of toll.

For man is not alone on this vast mudball;
For humans were not the only creatures to fall.
For man was fashioned in God's own form;
For that was the exception, rather than the norm.

So gird your mind and spirit as well;
So wage your struggle 'gainst forces of Hell.
So stand victorious in battles won;
So you might rule and reign with the Son.

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When Dark Tides Surge