Midnight tryst

Come with me where the night winds sigh;
Where dark clouds sail across the sky.
Hold my hand, oh love so fair;
Feel the electric tingle in the air.

Lightning arcs across a midnight sky,
Reflecting our lightning as eye meets eye.
I draw you close, capturing your lips with mine;
I drink deeply of kisses like honeyed wine.

Our embrace deepens as passions flames ignite,
Consuming us both in fiery delight.
Pressed tightly together, two bodies merged into one;
Body heat blazing like a new born sun.

Kissing the nape of your neck, I let my beard gently rasp,
Grinning as your giggle turns to moans and a gasp.
We share our love together on stormy moonless night;
No midnight tryst ever felt so right.

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Midnight tryst