...More Pressure (Part 3)

...You bite your lip,
Taking off the blindfold because I know you are about to flip!
Closing your eyes and savoring the feeling,
As I continue my merciless teasing with my precious mouth,
Come on papi keep on revealing!
Feeling you contract, release…
...A moan deep within comes out,
Triggering me greatly,
At that very moment I reached down and touched my...so bravely.
My fingers were completely soaked with the essence of me,
Dipping down my hand…your heart beating with a silent plea.
A look to see you watching…
Your eyes meeting my eyes,
All too familiar and cannot even disguise!
Removing you from my mouth- you take a sharp and deep inhale,
I wink at you and proceed to put my fingers in my mouth.
Deliberately slow…
Simply savoring every last bit…
Your eyes and mouth begging for just a hit!
Reaching down then bringing my fingers to your mouth,
The moment you grab my hand and taste my fingers,
...my wicked tongue all over you just lingers.
Taking you all the way in and to the back…
Quickly and hungrily extending my long awaited attack!
Tasting you more and more…
You go to touch me,
Pulling you out with one swift “ Pop”!
I say “ hands behind your head please!”
The look on your face made my….clinch...throb...and leak even more,
It began to get even wetter...anticipation of you settling the score.
Your moans only got louder!
Then you tense up…
So you finally let go- I took it all in my prize!
Your labored breathing- so heavy and deep,
I love how you taste..Mmm my big freak!
I feel your eyes on me…
The heat…
The desire…
I am getting excited by how much trouble I am in and what’s going to transpire!
My breath only quickens…
My heart races…
I welcome my punishment with a loving embrace.
Waiting you are at the end of the bed,
Grabbing my ankles and pulling me to the edge making me spread…
I look to see that smirk,
I am going to lose my...and go berserk!
Taking that red silky tie and bounding my wrists,
Mmm your so excited and throbbing,
Oh believe I am built for the pounding!
I live for our bodies with that familiar sounding…
Lifting me up as you stand,
My arms and bound wrists around your neck,
Holding my legs lined up and your healthy member in place…
You're about to slide into home base!
Unconvincingly you say “ I am not sorry for what I’m about to do to you!”
Beyond excited and dripping all over down there I say “ what’s the safe word?’
...You say “Blue…”

To Be Continued…??

Copyright Ⓒ 2020