Hoped For Outcome

How many days go by turning into weeks
then months to years and still left asking
Why? Is there a point to all these tears?

Has one drop ever stopped or changed the
adversities? You'll find when looking at
My circumstances theres been no mercy.

Finally the hoped for outcome arrived, but
My excitement would soon die. wearyness
filled my mind, my sadness overflowed inside

Chin up they say, you should be having a field
Day...somehow not having the one I love alive
Nor those who are, care what I want to share.

It's not easy to get up and live a new day, To
brush off the sorrow that's never to far away.
Even I, asked myself how I do it?

If one where to say I'm feeling sorry for myself
You Damn straight I am, who else but me comes to my
to my rescue after the cards I've been delt?

When my heart tears itself apart and the tears
wont stop, At times it's hard to bare. I resign
Myself to the fact no one said life played fair.

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Hoped For Outcome