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There was a young man, a scientist by profession;
Desperate to succeed, it was almost an obsession.
Ignoring advice of his family and friends;
Focusing solely on a means to his ends.

Unhappy with how his life was unfolding;
Determined to change the fate he was holding.
So this brilliant young man took fate in his hands;
Determined to travel to far distant lands.

His invention was quite clever, amazing to behold;
Capable of conveying one to vistas of old.
Only in dreams could one thus travel;
Somnombulatron he dubbed it, in a voice like gravel.

Spurning the advice of those more cautious than he,
Challenging the present to other times he did flee.
Defying the present by altering his past;
Creating a better world that would last.

Crafting a future to meet his desires,
And shelter his dreams from ravaging fires.

Crafted in response to the prompt "The future belongs
to those who challenge the present", with a passing nod
to the story of the same name I wrote and published on
my story site, storypen.com/bladesong

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