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Look Up

It may appear to the human eye,even your own
That you are lost and broken, hurting and alone
Face down in the dirt, drenched in tears
Shackled by guilt and captured by fear
Standing in the shadow of a mountain of bills
Slipping into a vortex of bottles and pills
The obvious direction for the dreadfully lost
Who gambled at life and couldn't pay the cost
It may appear, you are way too small
And the giant threatening is way too tall
Is it a man, a woman, a job, or education?
And office, a government,or a legislation
Doesn't really matter though, to the human eye
The battle is lost so why even try
The grief is too big, the weight too much
The wall too high, can't climb enough
You fight and you fall, you get back up
You swing and you miss and land on your butt
You're not down and out, nor out and down
You're just distracted by looking around
But if you look up, look up to see
The position you're in more clearly
Blessed are the poor and spirit
Who believe the Gospel when they hear it
Blessed are you when you mourn
Comfort from heaven keeps your warm
Blessed are you, meek and mild
The promises of God is your smile
You are blessed when you hunger and thirst
You are the one who will be filled first
Show mercy, receive mercy; be pure in heart
Make peace and His peace will set you apart
Persecuted, talked about for rights sake
You will speak with your enemies at heaven's gate
I Corinthians 5:57 says it right
Thanks be to God; through Jesus Christ
You are actually winning, and have won
It's over, it's settled, it is finished, it is done

J. Moore

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Look Up