Self Truths

Want is not Love

I want to yearn for the last whispers of your voice as you fall asleep,
I want to dream of waking to the sun streaming across your slumbering form,
I want to wish for you to succeed and all your dreams to come true,
I want to be proud of who I stand beside through the years,
I want to be someone that is looked up to as a role model,
I want to be the best I can be for my happiness and self-respect,
I want to be the reason you feel safe enough to rest easy,
I want to be able to soothe your tired mind after the battles of the day,
I want to be your ultimate confidant and bearer of sorrows,
My love is everlasting though its form is indeterminable and shifting,
I trust the winds of fate and the power of free will shall safeguard you.

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Want is not Love

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