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Beautiful Mother Earth

Beautiful mother earth connected to my very soul now and forever shall I cross the lands
of forgiveness, bringing forth my hearts desires while I walk the lands of freedom and
inner peace from deep within the cosmos of the now, and blessing of our people who hold Mother
sacred in all our hearts and souls.


Never have the Gods before us, held life in nets of disturbed turmoil, has today we climb the mountains one last time
with no looking back, time is near to cross our hearts in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


We have no more than our own selves to save and follow the light of stardom in the Universal plane waiting for us to know where
we belong and have always belonged before breathing our first breath.


Laying flat on the ground of Mother, shall we be connected again as from the beginning everything becomes a
reality, not an illusion from an imaginary intellect.


We make life, we show love, we praise our infinite savior of the Universe, capturing our souls from our super-consciousness
coming from the firmament of creation.


Drifting in rhythm with each beat of our inner drums of love power, we have created, and will always create forever
no end, no beginning, just being now with nothing but a love flowing through our Universal veins of life, listening
to the silence of each song heard from our soul, heart, mind
spirit of our glistening knowledge beyond the rims of
understanding pressed together with silver cords
leading us from each dimensional light, teaching us why,
who we are without knowing.


Nothing communicates just knowledge, just the essence of
each sphere connected to the next, combining a new world of divine
creatures created from us.


We are the now, the freshness of the breeze blowing from the four corners of the world's
intentional vision, watching
mother shine her light down, pass the shadows of darkness.


May we forever thank Mother Earth for her brightness
and gifts she has bestowed upon us.


May we treat her with tenderness, kissing her each night hoping her light will be seen
again each day that passes.


May we never forget to stare in the heavens at the stars that sparkle, hoping the light of our Universe shall
dance in peace among all nations.


May we be taught from Mother, where love penetrates the deepest part of our own existence, showing
light and harmony among all theologians of the Universe.


May we have one last chance to change this so-called living, a life of wonderment, a mystical journey
into a world of tranquility, magical mysteries of the cosmos of
ecstasy and mystery.


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