... More Pressure (Part 4)

...my breath caught deep in my throat,
My body hums as you feel me jolt!
Fully charged and wanting to do the most!
The ever so teasingly and sweet anticipation of finally feeling you there,
A long time coming and not a minute to spare.
With you aligned at my precious gate,
One aguishly soft push in,
Holding my legs even tighter...just the movement of your hips my body starts to shake.
Of a deep seeded need and ferocious want…
We both moan in unison...Mmm just a little taunt!
I close my eyes and bite my lip hard af,
She opens to receive every inch of you!
You grip me harder as I feel you slide in even deeper,
Stretching, filling and molding me to only fit you...the perfect fit mmm definitely a keeper!
Aggressively scratching that much needed itch,
Making me jerk and twitch!
In and out…
Out and in…
Your gripping me so hard the pain so pleasurable to the core,
I look at you dead in the eyes and say " Please baby give me more!"
Bodies smacking…
Your relentlessness in your attacking!
Every deep and hard thrust…
My body is ready to combust…
All over you white and creamy…
Mmmm ever so freely!
Quickening like a race even more to a higher pitch…
Readily changing the pace and bending me over the arm of sofa,
About to work my body again like we are doing yoga.
Entering me from behind,
You whisper " I am going to make this a$$ all mine!"
So very deep…
Mmm you feel so sweet!
To hear you…
You to hear me…
Our moans effortlessly matching in perfect sync,
You are my favorite kind of kink!
I grip you hard from the inside,
You jerked and it turned you on even more,
Picking me up and taking me to the bedroom to explore.
Us laying down and immediately devouring each other,
Every lick…
Every bite...
Every kiss…
So hard...so deep….every thrust,
You whisper in my ear " Mmm I am about to bust!"
Wrapping my soft legs around you tighter pulling you in even more,
My nails digging into your back,
I am losing all my senses and don’t know how to act.
I tense up, shaking as my orgasm causes me to scream…
Only triggered you and then you came like a dream.

Copyright Ⓒ February 2020