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They came with the rain


When I look at the moon I see a

Beckoning finger, a brightly lit

Invitation to explore, a launch pad,

A leap of faith, a signpost pointing

To adventures on a star lit trajectory

Of inevitable consequence. A log of

Journeys wherein all is known, and

That which hasn’t happened yet, has

Most likely already happened many

Times over elsewhere, as will be

Revealed by the rising of the sun, or

The turning of an illuminated page.


Seek and you will find’, ‘knock and

The door will be opened’, biblical

Nonsense to those of poor temper,

A promising opportunity to those of

A kinder disposition, and a loaded

Gun to those who spot the essence

Of something a little more calculating

Behind this open invitation to set foot

On other worlds.


They came with the rain on a dark

Hapless night, from a place of ill will,

Who knows where, who knows why?

But one thing is certain, let history

Confide, far better for earth if mankind

Where born blind.


Millions of planets and stars without

End, but never a pupil, an iris or

Lens. With no one to see, stand

Back and admire, no bomb making

Needed, no bullets to fire.


No anger, no rhythm of hatred aloft,

No cruelty, no murders, no race

Issues boss. No need of skulduggery,

No children to maim, no chimneys,

No factories to poison the rain.


What a treat if our world where

Bathed in a sun, minus the killers,

The drugs and the guns. Minus the

Leaders who lie and deceive, and

Minus the eyes that propagate



© Joseph G Dawson

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