Tattoos in Mayberry

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I reside. in 
subsidized housing they award to
elders on borrowed time., 
Next to the Interstate wiith it's
 poisonous,choking haze of diesel exhaust
Still don't I gaze upon the same moon
as you.
My eyes sharing the sky and the stars with you.
Do I not bleed red like you,
Why so important to put distance
between you and me. tooling around
like an Indy race car
fixing your sights to lap me,.
 must you grind all others to dust,
to claim the number one spot..
You've won, your money is bigger than mine.
Diminishishing my contribution.
Miniimizing my position
Worsening my condition.. 
Raining fire down on me from up in your tower.
Has your dream house been been built by hate? .
Your atrritionist spirit uplifted by driving a spike through my heart..
Isn't there more to life than  foraging for better 
crumbs..Why so eager to  step on my fingers
and head... Did we not both
spring forth from the same fertile soil rich with
seed and egg..
Am I wrongheaded for demanding justice?
Is justice a made up thing?.

when you're gloating on
how good you have it 
or how bad things could turn'
if your luck went South.
We're all playing beat the clock
and the clock is winning..
go to the doctor to
remove from your shoe.
the stone that is you.
Labels like poor, fat, stupid and slow give ulcers
building your brick house with assumtions,
Don't put on me your burden of plenty. . 

I won't smoke, a premium
hand rolled Cuban Cigar
if you chew on it first.
stringing your charge along with
broken promises 
Without the first clue 
what it's like to have not.
 Can you shed your  high and mighty husk
Live in the thickets silent as  a lone, blade of grass,
the ninth son of a poor rice paddy  farmer.
Can you rise above your
station and give back some of what you have?.
 Survival, requires cooperation,
either you get bitter and die alone and rich.
or you learn to love and share.,
Empathy for those suffering...
not seeking advantage  by plowing over others.
Is there a lasting victory in being the last
one standing?
Does your aloneness drive your thirst to keep winning?
defeating the ignorant and decimating the powerless,..
How's that's strategy working out for you?
I'm playing the low hand
and watching the game board closer now.
anticipating your next move.

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Buddy Bee Anthony

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