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Drop the Mic

The world is saying one thing
The Word of God other
Fear is what the world brings
The Holy Script is your cover
Hold it tightly in your hand
Grip it like a sword and shield
By it the cripple stand
By it the sick are healed
A walk in the world is a walk in the dark
You stumble as to drag along
A walk with Christ is a walk in the park
By faith in Him you can't go wrong
Yes the enemy will come to tempt you
He'll try it once, he'll try it twice
But he can't outsmart the Word within you
He found that out when tempting Christ
You will encounter opposition
Yes offenses will surely come
But Jesus beat the crucifixion
So we shall also overcome
Just speak the Word loud and clear
The Holy Spirit will be your mic
Let His truth ring in your ear
His every Word as a sound bite
Speak to the situation
Speak to the circumstance
Shout it unto all the nations
Shout it even as you dance
The Lord our God, the Lord is one
His Word is final, His promise true
He proclaimed on the cross; It is done
There is nothing left we need to do
He said, just believe it
You are precious in His sight
Ask it and receive it
Declare His Word and drop the Mic

J. Moore

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Drop the Mic