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What's Your Poison

I'm listening to the same playlist on repeat
Hoping our fantasies will collide with reality
Without the side effects
What's your poison?
What's your high?
Remember that time
Where you licked salt off my lips
And we drank tequila at the same time
Then we got almost naked
On that tipsy boat under the stars
It was a perfect summer night
And we laughed and
touched each other's bodies
And Sam Hunt sang over our scene
Like the movies
We were lost in the night, and in time
Our ecstasy was so unreal
I can't get enough
I don't know how to leave you
In the morning I drove us to get coffee
And Red Bull
And we planned to put it on repeat
But this time we flew to Nevada
And got drunk at casinos
And laid in bed bare
High off each other
Swimming under a full moon
And sleeping in until noon
Around, and around, and around
we go

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What`s Your Poison