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Written by S.C.Mitchell
March 2020


O LORD my God - in the midst of these troubles - 
You are still God - You are still in control of the nations 
Of the world - You are still All-powerful - All-knowing - All-
Merciful and kind - for You are Love - You are not surprised
By the trials that come against the world - and You tell us -
Your people - who are called by Your name - to humble
Ourselves and pray - and You will hear from Heaven -
Forgive our sins - and heal our land .

Have mercy LORD - today .

So LORD our God - forgive us where we have sinned 
Against You - in body - soul and spirit - forgive us when we 
Have neglected to be all -  that You have asked us to be - in 
Thought - and word and deed - Have mercy on us LORD - and
Wash us clean from all our hidden faults - and make us those
Who stand for truth and peace in this world of deception
And unrest -

Forgive us LORD - we pray 

Dear LORD - where would we be if not for Your great
Love for us ? - where would we be - if You had not paid the
Price for us - to be redeemed back to the Father of our souls -
Dear LORD - where would we be ?

Where would we be if You had not risen from the
Grave - and conquered Death and Hell - 
Where would we be ?

Where would we be - if You had never shed Your
Sinless blood - for us - to set us free - O God of
Mercy - Where would we be ? 

Where would we be - indeed ?

I know where I would be - if You - my God -
Had not rescued me - from the pit of destruction -
Sin and guilt - I know exactly where I'd be - 
In Hell - in torment - lost for all eternity .

That's where I'd be . 

But - You my God - reached down into my 
Pit - and drew me out - before the grip of Death 
Could swallow me - You drew me to Your side - 
And washed me clean - and set my feet on
Solid ground - You did all that and more
For me .

You did all that  - for me 

So - thank You LORD my Saviour - for 
All that You have  done - in making me a
New creation - Your child - and Your Beloved -
Who will always be Your own - saved by
Faith in You - and in Your Word - for
All eternity .

I'm grateful LORD - Eternally .


In this month of March 2020 , the whole  world
is caught up in the COVID -19 pandemic , and 
millions are fearful because of the speed it has 
spread, causing many countries to close their 
borders due to the number of deaths that 
have occured in so short a time . 

In light of what is happening I penned the above 
poem / prayer , as an acknowledgement that God
is still in control , and He will help all who call on
Him in these troubled times .... as He did for me .

My prayer for all who read my work is that they will
experience  the saving grace of  the Saviour of the 
world , and then receive His mercy, love and peace
and assurance of His nearness and protection
during these uncertain times .

God bless you all. 
In His love 
Stella xx


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