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I often wonder
Who is my best buddy?
Is it my daughter or you?
Both are called Moon.

I am ok during the day
Due to my busy life
But. in the evenings
I usually feel lonely and sad.

One day I was sitting alone
I looked out through my window
I found the hidden you in the silver sky
And you looked so beautiful.

Oh Moon, My friend
Without you I am lonely
You are always there to cheer me
in my dark mood, my friend.

Your presence always gives
me the happiness of life
I feel comfortable talking to you in silence
I enjoy admiring the beauty of you.

That is the reason I called you my buddy
You are there in my happiness and sadness
You become part of my family
You play hide and seek with me.

You are my dearest friend and
I give your name to my daughter
I call her Moon! The only one I have
Other than you in my life
I love you for being my buddy.

@Adikaran 21/03/20