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Believers and Followers

Do you believe or do you follow
In times like these we find out
Believers dig deep in the foxhole
Followers start to climb out
Believers do that faith walk
We are in it for the long haul
Followers do that sand talk
The ground shifts they all fall
Many people followed Jesus
But not many truly believed
They got the fish and the loaves
The Holy Spirit they would not receive
Followers come as consumers
Not with hands up but hands out
Their words say they believe in God
But they're hearts reveal a shadow of doubt
Believers gather the bring something
Hearts and lungs full of praise
Claiming all His promises
Repeating them on stormy days
We are in the days of sifting
A separating as it were
Some are sheep and some are goats
The wheat stands as the wind stirs
The Lord declares a battle is coming
And this is not for the faint of heart
Followers and believers gather together
Each expected to do their part
God is not surprise at all
He sanctifies and sets apart
He hears the prayers of the faithful
He knows the ones he has called
Do you believe or do you just follow
In times like these we find out
Now is the time for the world to see
What the true Christians are all about

J. Moore

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Believers and Followers