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Prayer warriors keep praying
That's what prayer warriors do
Shepherds keeps protecting
That's what sheep expect of you
Givers keep giving
The gifts you give from your heart
Tithers keep tithing
From your faith you do your part
Believers keep; believing
God's word will surely come to pass
Dancers keep on dancing
Display the joy that you have
The dark clouds are still looming
Just as dark cloud often do
But Jesus is still in the boat
Because He always sails with you
If you are a quitter
And quitting is what you do
You can stay a quitter
Or change if you want to
The fire is now upon us
It came to test and try
To burn away false substance
And reveal what is inside
When it is all over
As it soon will be
I for one will be joyful
For what's become of me
Save, sanctified, and filled to the brim
Poured out, completely emptied
And filled up with Him
This is where we find out
This is how we know
If we truly trust in Jesus
Or if it's just a show
When you dance in the rain
Stand in the persecution
Praise through the pain
Expect divine resolution

J. Moore

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