No matter how much status, wealth, culture, military strenght, science, technology

Or power you think you have, you are never far from laying dead from disease and naked on a slab,

Evil wide spread and systemic, global corruption an epidemic,

Uncle Sam normally arrogant and morally anemic, now afraid that the wrath of Allah has gone pandemic,

Frantic about who can be saved from a six foot trip to the grave,.Whether you stay inside your home or venture out

Have no doubt you cannot keep the angel of death away from wherever you be,

Every seed that you sew will eventually grow on vine or tree baring fruit from what your hands have wrought,

There can be no escape from the evil and corruption that your souls have bought,

Maybe this time not all but some souls must pay for following in lockstep behind godless leaders that lead them astray,

Death is an enviable, natural aspect of life. We are born and we die. We just donít know how, when or where.

So, we submit and obey the commandments of our Lord.
The Merciful, The Maker, The Substainer, The Protector and The Resurrector.

Habib Abu Lateef

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