Self Truths


In that moment of confidence,
Did the thought even cross your mind?
What if everything you said since,
Tore them to pieces inside?
Have you never wondered,
If their kindness was simply their way,
Their way to show they care?
How many times have they wondered,
Do I stay silent or tell the truth?
But never knowing.....
Always willing to give it a up,
For someone else's happiness,
For someone else's dream,
It's these things that plague the mind,
That torment the soft hearted soul,
I can't tell you how I feel,
It would taint everything that is already felt,
I see what's happening but am powerless,
To show you another path,
My road is getting darker the longer I'm alone,
The burning fills my chest,
It's the reason I can still hold hope,
It keeps me pushing forward,
And why I need to turn and walk away,

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