No ordinary summers day

The sun is shining down today,

But you will see no child at play,

No washing of cars, no mowing the lawn,

No people complaining, that it's too warm.

There may be clothes blowing on the line,

Creating shadows as they block the sunshine,

There are no sunbathers, but the birds are still cheerie,

There's something amiss and it's really quite eerie

The echoing silence is sounding so shrill,

The streets are so empty like they're frozen still,

No usual traffic, no people walking by,

No airplanes are leaving tracks in the sky.

And as time crawls on, leaving a state of confusion,

What is going on? What is this delusion?

What is normal? Will it forever be this way?

Or will we one day get to enjoy, another ordinary summers day?

Vicki Wroe, 30 (C)

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No ordinary summers day

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