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Lightning arcs across night dark skies,
As in proud Valhalla, mighty Mjolnir flies.
Bane of frost giants and monsters alike,
How the heavens shake to its thunderous strike!

Forged of uru metal by Etri, master dwarven smith;
Enchantment by all father Odin imbued with.
Power to level mountains resided within,
When held by one eyed Odin or his kin.

Gifted to Thor Odinson, lord of living lightning;
Wielded 'gainst foes both fel and frightening.
Again the thunder booms, a rolling drumbeat of sound;
As Mjolnir the mighty Thor's foes does pound.

So the Norse believed, in that heroic age of long ago;
When dread ships plied the sea, and savage blood did flow.
Perhaps in some distant realm, Valhalla truly does exist;
Where lightnings lash and thunders crash, midst lands of swirling mist.

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