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Four Walls

No way out of those four walls
Feeling like standing on the edge
Slipping off the side of a waterfalls
Forgetting to my Lord my life I pledged

The pain of loss builds within unseen
Battling and struggling in this endless bout
Not knowing where to go or where I have been
No way to end the pain accept taking the easy way out

So many feel this agony before taking their lives
The painful final end to all the things so horrible
Filled with no hope no light just worry and strife
When the problems can be solved with the Bible

My friends there is a way out of those four walls
Seek help someone is always here
Look to Jesus he will always answer your call
The Lord is only a prayer away his love is always near
Edwin J. Smith
The Old Cowboy Poet
March 31st 2020

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Four Walls

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