You...You are relentless in your pursuit,
Not even in my dreams you find me walking on my own special route.
I just give that one look and say “ Sh---, you’re not supposed to be here…”
Ever so defiant but your stance is so relaxed and poised…
“ Ir---, I can find you anywhere!”
Admiring each other- we are so uniquely rare!
I grasp and force myself to awake…
I feel a sensation in my stomach, a deep seeded ache!
Laying on my side, eyes still close as I touch the other side of my bed,
I so would rather have you there instead of being just confined to my head.
Sleeping comfortable and completely at peace,
But the feeling that I am having simply just wants to play!
Sleeping in just a white shirt,
The sheets feel cool against my legs...I smile like a flirt!
Getting my body adjusted as I lay on my stomach, leg slightly bent…
My butt slightly poked out…
Ready to dive into this dream and find what it is all about!
Once again I close my eyes only to find your eyes staring right back at mine,
I feel that all familiar heat rises…
From below my waist line…
My lips go to form words as I try to contain it...
You look at me and say “ Mmm don’t explain shit!”
Oh yes you come to play with me!
Mmm damn I just want to touch you and only you I swear…
Stay in our world without any worries and no care.
The endless thoughts I have of you daily makes my entire body tingle and blush,
Touch me with your paintbrush…
Maybe use your fingers, your lips…
Anything your heart can wish.
Paint how you feel on my body,
Claim me and show everybody!
That I am yours and you are mine,
Our souls and energy have finally aligned.
You and only you can invade my space-even my most sacred dreams,
My long overdue cravings- I am full of passionate screams,
You have no idea...come play with me by all means!
I am so filled to the rim- I need release,
Give me your mouth I want your kisses of peace…
Before you give me your large piece!
You want to play as much as you hide it,
Divide and spread wide…
Slide and occupy…
You've been hungry for a while for this slice of Heaven my sweet pie!
Mmm this dream is starting to real so real,
As our clothes magically just up and disappear!
We laugh and smile to get rid of our nerves-
We cannot wait any longer as our mouths meet and your hands find my curves!
So naked and so free-
This is how our spirits are supposed to be.
With each other no holding back, complete and utter bliss,
To finally connect our souls kiss...

To be continued….???

Copyright Ⓒ April 2020